Getting free traffic to your dropshipping store is great when your budget is tight, but it’s also great when you want to save on advertisement costs!

What are the best sources to get free traffic to your Shopify store?

Follow me below to learn 5 free sources of traffic for your dropshipping store to start getting free traffic to your store. I will first give you a short answer, to then dive into each possibility to get you free traffic.


First and foremost, referral traffic is from users who come to your website by clicking a link from another site.

Did I mention that referral traffic is completely free?

Unlike paid traffic acquired through ads, you don’t have to spend a single dime on referral traffic.

5 Free Sources of Traffic For Your Dropshipping Store

According to Wikipedia, in 2020590 million unique people visited Quora a month. Think about all the potential attention your content would be getting if you share it on Quora, and as a result, all the traffic your website would get.


Adding a blog to your dropshipping store is not the only way to get free traffic from search engines. This way your product could end up number 1 on search engines when people type the name of that product. For example, a few months ago I was selling a memory foam leg pillow, I did not run any ads, simply using SEO optimization when people were searching for memory foam leg pillow I was ranking on the first page!

5 Free Sources of Traffic For Your Dropshipping Store

Facebook groups

 Facebook groups are one of the best places to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your dropshipping store for free, Facebook groups provide space to communicate about shared interests with others, you can create a group of anything.

5 Free Sources of Traffic For Your Dropshipping Store

While you can not directly advertise to Facebook groups, you can still use them to your advantage, to start driving traffic, join relevant Facebook groups and start posting quality content, engage with other members and ask for feedback about your products or store, once you start building a relationship with other groups members, they will organically become free traffic.

5 Free Sources of Traffic For Your Dropshipping Store W-ecom


Reddit has been explosive growth over the last few years, especially after its redesign, now there are over 150.000 communities on Reddit, you can find a community on Reddit for everything

and this makes it the perfect place to find high-quality traffic, first, you can post and share your products in subreddits relevant to your niche, Remember, obvious advertising is not allowed, however, you are free to share your love and interest in a product!


First of all, Linkedin. Today, Linkedin has over 675 million users and gets over a Billion visitors a month! So, if you don’t have an account, I suggest you make one right away.

5 Free Sources of Traffic For Your Dropshipping Store

On Linkedin, you have the option to write articles. Let’s say you already have an article you wish to promote; all you have to do is copy your article and paste it on your Linkedin profile. It won’t even take a minute!

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Each one of these websites attracts hundreds of thousands of people every single day; they’re massive! And the way it works, people either use one platform at a time for certain periods of time and rarely have the time to keep up with all of them. Therefore, by posting your content on all 6 of these platforms, you would be attracting viewers and users that are unique to each of the 6.

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