One tool everyone working online should use, whether you are an affiliate marketer or a blogger, URL shortener services can make a difference in your online business, let’s take as an example my article.

Url shortener

What is a URL Shortener?

My article is full of links. These are affiliate links, meaning I’m promoting these services, if you click any of those links, you will see my affiliate link. Now, my blog post has twenty or more affiliate links. Let’s assume the merchant has changed the affiliate links, what will happen now?

 You will need to start changing all links manually one by one, this would be time-consuming, let’s scale up the scenario. What if you are promoting these links on social media? Quora, Medium, youtube, or you may be doing on other websites guest posting, e-books, or maybe in your application. 

What will happen now? Yes, you know, you’ll have to change every website to change all your affiliate links, can you imagine? What if you have thousands of links promoting all over the internet? It would be impossible to change all the links, and you will lose clicks, you will lose conversions, you will lose money, and even obviously, time, so how can we solve this problem? this is where comes this tool that anyone working online needs to use

What Are the Main Benefits of a URL Shortener?

This section will give you a better understanding of why it is crucial to shortening your links.

Tiny & Clean URL

Have a look at those two links below. Which one do you think is cleaner and more straightforward?

Url shortener

This is one of the benefits of using this service, there are many others.

Track Analytics Insights

An essential benefit of using a URL shortener is that it allows you to track your visitors and break down all data by country, how many people click in that link, gender, etc. This data is essential because you can retarget visitors who click your links with Facebook or other ad platforms.

Url shortener

Tracking Pixel: Build Your Custom Audience

What is the Facebook pixel, and how does it work? one of the main benefits of using a URL shortener service is that it allows you to install the pixel of any ad platform( Facebook, Quora, Snapchat) to your links
when someone makes a meaningful action, adds to cart, checkout makes a purchase, the Facebook pixel will fire; Facebook will then start collecting data which you can view in Event Manager, then use this data for retargeting your customers in future ads.

L-inkmee has an awesome built-in feature that allows you to track your website visitors by geo-location, devices, and target the audience that reacted to your ad campaign in future re-targeting.

url shortener

Make Your Links Look Professional

People are more likely to skip your links if they look big and messy, nowadays it is becoming a common practice in the digital marketing business to use link shortening services.

Another great feature of L-inkmee is that it allows you to customize your links using the custom alias feature. What do I mean by that? Just go to L-inkmee and head over to your dashboard, then paste your long URL there, it is so simple.

Url shortener

Also, if you have a domain, you can add it to your links, can you imagine? You will be able to get a custom short link with your domain in it! Check it out here!

Drive Engagement to Your Social Media Content

According to Rebrandly, branded short links are more likely to increase content engagement by 39%

The benefits of a URL shortener are countless, and they can help you drive traffic back to your site with features like:

  • Splash pages
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Custom URL
  • Splash pages
  • Pixel retargeting

A URL shortener helps you maximize the potential to drive traffic to your blog or landing pages, such as splash pages. Now there are multiple URL shortener services on the internet. I will share the best and cheap shortener to save you bucks that you usually pay for those services.

Best URL Shortener

There are many URL shortener services on the internet. Some of them offer a free subscription with limited functionality. I suggest you opt for a paid service to sharpen all the benefits you get out of it

The most known link shorteners are:

Bitly ( Starting plan from $29/mo for up to 1500 links)

Cuttly ( Starting plan from $29/mo for up to 1500 links)

Rebrandly (Min. $29/month for up to 5000 links)

Sniply (Min. $29/month for upto 5000 clicks)

Owly (Needs a Hootsuite plan which starts from $19/month)

Now the best choice when it comes to pricing and performance for link shortener is:

L-inkmee- More Than Just a Shortener ( $9.99/mo For Unlimited Links)

With L-inkmee you can shorten long URLs to get effectively manage your business, increase conversions, and engagement, it has a lot of features such as device targeting, splash pages, link rotation, and much more.

Url shortener

We have made this service for you to boost your conversion rate and enjoy all the benefits that this service has to offer at an affordable price, the dashboard has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate easily throughout the website.

Let me show you around all the good things you can do here

Go to and sign up for free


I think everybody knows what bundle is, but in short, a bundle is a group of links added together and treated as a single link, let’s see exactly what I’m talking about

Once you created your bundle and name it, then head over to your shortened links and add it to the bundle

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a bundle containing multiple links, this is awesome!

Splash Pages

This is one of the tops features. What do I mean by that? Well, first of all, you don’t need to create a website, so you don’t have to pay for hosting, domain, maintenance, etc., now. With this feature, you can create a transitional page containing an avatar to represent your company, especially If you want to promote your affiliate links, then this is the perfect solution, especially for affiliate marketers, let’s see how we create a splash page

Copy your affiliate link

Head over to your dashboard, and simply create add a name for the splash page your affiliate link,

choose an avatar, that can be your logo, and a banner that represents the service you’re promoting

Once you’ve created your splash page, use the same link you used to create your landing page, add your custom alias and simply paste it to shorten

And there you have it, the concept is simple but powerful, especially in some ad campaigns we are not allowed to paste directly our affiliate links, so you’ll have to create a landing page to be able to promote your offer, this is a very important feature in L-inkmee


Sharing long messy URLs all over the internet is a bad idea, digital marketers and anyone working online nowadays is using these services because they can save you a lot of money in the long run and, more importantly, prevent you from making costly mistakes. Once you’ll enhance your knowledge of URLs you will understand how shortened URLs behave in different situations, enabling you to harness the benefits for your own gain in Digital marketing.