The question that we hear a lot these days, how to validate if a product has the potential to sell?In this article I will share with you my top dropshipping product validation methods that I use for my stores.

Product Validation Methods

#1. You must be able to sell the product at least 3x the price you’re getting it for.

This isn’t always the case, you could find products with 2x profit margins

It all depends on the product perceived value

Daily selling quantity

#2. The product has a good sales trend. ( the product is currently selling at least 50+ units a day)

There are mainly two metrics I look at these days

Recently I’ve been running products with good margins, good sales volume, following these metrics.

  • Product with unique aspect.
  • A product that solves a problem.

the biggest key to becoming successful is getting the experience to pick a good product

and the way to that is by testing a lot of different products try it out real quick, and if it doesn’t work just keep on moving forward.

Let’s go into the methods on how to discover these products.

We have two different ways to discover these products, Free and Paid,

Now the free approach utilizes free tools to find products and the paid approach few paid tools to find products,

in my opinion, you are going to be able to find winning products using either approach,

is just that the paid approach will save you a lot of time, and it will give you insights inside a larger “pool of data” which means you’ll have access to find more winners quicker

however, if you are new to dropshipping, then I don’t recommend you to pay for product research

just go with the free method, because currently, you don’t have enough experience to utilize paid tools

get some more experience first before deciding to invest any money in paid tools.

Let’s break down how these approaches work

Product Research Free Method

The free method works by using Topdser a Shopify app that allows you to do product research for free! 

For those of you who are not familiar with Topdser, is an app similar to Oberlo but on steroids

What do I mean by this?

It has almost the same features as oberlo, which is importing the products from aliexpress to your Shopify store

and fulfill the orders from your Shopify store through aliexpress, but it does that 10,20,30 times better and faster,

Topdser is an official aliexpress partner, Why this is important for you?

they will connect your account directly to topdser

and will be able to fulfill your orders in bulk instead of going to aliexpress and fulfill the orders one by one

so if you have 15-30 orders per day or you have multiple stores, you can fulfill a lot of orders within a couple of minutes


Topdser niche spy tool

As you can see from the image above Topdser has a feature called niche spy, how does this feature work?

If you know websites like ecomhunt, niche scraper, and dropship spy instead of going to those sites and being limited to only their products,

Topdser post all the links from Facebook ads, aliexpress, ecomhunt, everything in one platform.

I know that probably those who are reading can’t afford to spend 150$ for just a spying tool to find a winning product,

and I rather you spend these 150$ on tools that will make a difference in your business, for example,

Facebook ads, maybe purchasing customized stores with a premium theme, video ads, etc. These are things where you want to really invest extra money.

Topdser also offer different customization options for your products to give you a more branded experience,

and lastly, you can get a 6-7% cashback commission for every single order you place on aliexpress

Why Apply For Cash Back?

For most of the cashback websites, you will have to go through the website then go to aliexpress, then go to your product page and manually fulfill the order,

that is what we were doing at the beginning, but eventually is going to get too much tedious and time-consuming.

The good thing about this option is that you just need to create yourself an admindant account

which is where you are going to receive your commission after you create it you are going to get your affiliate code,

every time you are going to fulfill your orders in the back end you’re going to automatically save yourself this 6 – 7 %

and get that back on your admittance account.

Now, admittance is one of the most legit platforms, it’s free to use and overall the process is very simple,

it’s just free money that you’re leaving on the table, just go through the manual (see image below)

Topdser Dropshipping
Topdser Dropshipping

 it will take you a minute or two to set up your admitted account, get verified on the aliexpress affiliate program, and then just paste the code

(Refer to the image below)

Topdser Dropshipping

The only downside of this option is that is only available for the upgraded version,

if you click on their pricing plan it’s just available from the second plan which is 19$ per month

Topdser Dropshipping
Topdser Dropshipping

Is with Topdser Paid Plan Really Worth It?

now let’s do some simple math, if you are ordering over 400 bucks per month from aliexpress,

having this plan with the affiliate program is going to pay itself, and make you more money on the backend.

All the rest that I’ve mentioned is completely free besides the affiliate program, they offer you tons of different features and a huge amount of value,

soon they are going to offer an auto-tracking to PayPal and, overall this feature is available using Shopify apps

I highly recommend that every customer that purchases from you using PayPal you are going to upload the tracking number to PayPal because that is going to help you later on with “winning disputes”

and not getting your account limited because if you have a brand new PayPal account and you’ll start receiving hundreds of dollars from your Shopify store,

there is a high chance that PayPal will limit your account, they will ask you to provide the tracking numbers

How does the validation process work?

The first thing we need to do is to get an idea of products that might be a potential winning product, something that we would like to sell,

we want to find products that have over twenty dollars profit with a selling price of up to seventy dollars, we want also something that will look unique that is not easy to find online or in any regular shop,

for example the kalimba piano is not a product you can find easily in your local Walmart

Topdser dropshipping

for example: as you can see this is a product that can be found easily anywhere you want

Topdser dropshipping
Topdser dropshipping

This is all part of the first validation process, as you can see in the image below we have a keychain,

with this product, you will have infringement issues and your ad will be taken down

Once you’ll find a product that has a high engagement rate,

we will check their Facebook page to see if the ad is still running

Topdser dropshipping
Topdser dropshipping
Topdser dropshipping

for example, this ad was posted more than 2 years ago but is still in the database, we want to make sure we select those ads that are still running. Let’s move on to select another product.

for example, these sandals are not easy to find in the local Walmart, because of their unique design and materials now that we found a potential winning product, we will check in the next section how to validate it.

Topdser dropshipping

Great! We found an ad campaign with a good engagement rate, this clearly shows that this product is currently selling

although is not a high engagement is still a good sign as it shows this product is not jet saturated, now this ad shows they are making money, next we want to see how exactly they are selling this product.


Let’s do some basic calculation

They are selling this product for 18.25$, the aliexpress price is 5.88$+ 1.35 shipping cost= 7.23$

They are making 11.02$ I would probably try to sell this product in the bundle, because when it comes to clothing and accessories, at least 3 customers out of 5 will choose to purchase this product in a bundle,

if you make an offer they can’t refuse! And overall we are testing out a product that it is going to sell 10-30 units per day then we need to look for a private agent so that we can get better and faster shipping times and maybe cheaper product price.

We want to go over this process 5-15 times and compare the prices and profit margins between them. 

 To sum up

We want to find products that have the following metrics:

  •  Good engagement rate
  • Active running ads
  • Minimum profit margins 20$
  • Product selling price less than 70$
  • Not easy to find in your local Walmart

If you have the budget to use paid tools, then I recommend it because is going to save you time.

Product Research Paid Method

For the paid research method we are going to use seller pulse, seller pulse is a super underrated tool, all the supplier in china knows about this but is not mainstreamed in dropshipping yet.

With seller pulse, you have access to a huge database of products where you can sort by daily, weekly, and monthly sales volume and discover products that are currently selling like crazy

once you will find a product you can go to ad spy to find competitors and come up with your marketing angle.

Once you are going to be in the dashboard, there is only one option you need to look at, which is to sort it by drop shippers.

Seller Pulse
Seller Pulse
Seller Pulse
Seller Pulse

Sorting By Dropshippers Feature

Using this sorting method will allow you to see all products that drop shippers are selling and see the current number of orders that have been moved by drop shippers.

if you want to find a product fast that is selling very well, all you have to do is to sort by all category

Seller Pulse

Minimum Weekly Order

If you are interested in a specific niche then turn the “select all” off and sort it by individually category,

you’ll need to select a minimum order sold per week, I highly recommend 500 as a minimum order quantity per week

Seller Pulse

Find Products that sell

This tool will find all the products that drop shippers sell from aliexpress that are moving 500 units every week.

and if you don’t know exactly what kind of product is, and you have no idea how to market it just try to find a product that you may be familiar with, because otherwise,

it will require you to do a lot of research to figure out how to sell the product.

Each product search result comes with detailed information,


  • Category
  • Price
  • Feedback count
  • Rating score
  • Total orders
  • Last days sales
Seller Pulse

You’ll be able to track the trend of a specific product by clicking on the green “View Product Trend” button.

Seller Pulse

There are currently 4 types of trends you can track: price, feedback, orders, and quantity.

Seller Pulse

Aliexpress Dropshipping center graphic

If you would like to go to the Aliexpress product page for the further examination you can click on the yellow “Go To Product Page” button.

Another noteworthy feature of Seller Pulse is the ability to track competing dropshipping stores.

Clicking on the “ List of Competing Stores” will show you which strategies each store uses and optimize your store accordingly

 Overall, although Seller Pulse product search lacks some other advanced filters such as shipping methods or the number of selling stores, it’s one of the largest databases of products we have ever seen.

Seller Pulse Product Watch List

If you track a product, it’ll appear in the Product Watchlist.

Seller Pulse

With the free plan, you can track up to 100 products. This number is 200 if you upgrade to the Pro plan.

Targeted Search

Next, we’ll review its Targeted Search feature. It includes 4 features: Search By Country, Opportunity By Country, By Dropshippers, and Country Of Dispatch.

  • Search By Country
  • Opportunity By Country
  • By Dropshippers
  • Country Of Dispatch
Seller Pulse

Filters and results from these features provide pretty much the same functionality as its Database Search.
With this tool Targeted Search, you’ll be able to discover products that can sell well in your target countries.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension gives you the ability to analyze and track high potential dropshipping products directly from AliExpress. The tool displays the demand trends, a number of orders, comments, and daily sales of products.

Seller Pulse Chrome exstension

With a single click, you’ll also be able to add products to your account for further tracking.


The tool lacks a sufficient number of tutorials to help you get started. Its Youtube channel is also rather inactive.

Seller Pulse Tutorial


Besides the Facebook Page doesn’t have a site where drop shippers can help each other, for example, a forum.

This is another weak point of it. This might be the main reason why not many drop shippers know about this tool.


If you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected] They’ll typically reply within 24 hours. Otherwise, another method to contact the support team is DMing them through Facebook messenger.

Seller Pulse Chat Support

Pricing Review

This tool offers a free 3-day trial plan with no credit card required, allowing you to access all of its features with a limit on the number of search requests

When you sign up for the $39 Pro plan, you can unlock the full potential this tool has to offer.

Seller Pulse Pricing Plan


Overall, is a good dropshipping product research tool. With a database of millions of products on both AliExpress and Amazon,

it’s suitable for people seeking a solution to discover winning dropshipping items on a large scale.

Here you have it, guys, this is our product research validation method. Thank you for reading so far.

I hope this article helps you find winning products

I’m looking forward to reading your comments below!