This Ecomhunt review will provide you with a deep understanding of this dropshipping tool, so, is Ecomhunt the best dropshipping tool? Let’s find out.

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Why is important to use a dropshipping product research tool for your store?

Well simply because you don’t want to just sell random products, and that is why Ecomhunt is one of the best dropshipping tools that provide its users’ way to the best-selling products before these products go popular.

Ecomhunt Features

This tool has a built-in feature that enables users to see their competitor’s Facebook ads

This tool informs its users about the best-selling specialty products in different categories. Users can search for the most suitable location for their online store in other sections.

This tool allows users to view products through Facebook ads and select various products based on location, age, and gender.


What information does Ecomhunt give to its users with every Droshshipping product?

This tool allows users to view products through Facebook ads and select various products based on location, age, and gender.

Products include ecomhunt; Wireless remote control for mobile phone, Sushi Maker (8 Shape Toolkit), Nano Mist disinfectant, Pianoplay Music ‘Music Mat, and many more.

How does EcomHunt work?

Simply, EcomHunt eliminates the stress of searching for hot and fast products online. Alternatively, you can look at other things that are very important to your e-commerce business.

EcomHunt can share numerous daily products for its users and is manually selected by experts. The updated products contain the following data, such as:

  • Left
  • connection
  • analysis
  • He won
  • Product videos
  • Targeting on Facebook
  • Ads on Facebook

You can sell the product on virtually any e-commerce site that includes Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay, etc., and you can give users access to the winning products.

Friendly Note

According to similarWeb Ecomhunt gets 433K monthly visits, now what do you think is going to happen if everybody just copies and paste every single product?

Yes, you’ll not have much luck you if everyone copies the same product, Please use these product research tool as inspiration. These tools will allow you to shorten the time in product research, but you will have to also put in some effort!

Ecomhunt dropshipping

With EcomHunt as a user, you have daily access to successful and recently sold products.

One of the most exciting things about Ecomhunt is that if you have links to the store that sells these winning products, you can access the best-selling products that will be added to your online store or other popular products.

This way, you can quickly get more than you intended.

The main part of EcomHunt is that it always comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for any service you request.

What’s in Ecomhunt Winning products?

Here are details about everything you can access with each winning product made available on Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt dropshipping

The keyword is the title of the product

This is the actual name of the product and the SEO title of the product. This is what people are looking for while looking for the product.

With a well-written product title, your products have a chance to rank higher for your product keyword in the search engine and continually increase traffic and conversion.

Product image

All product images supplied with Ecomhunt products are clean, high-quality images that can be downloaded and reused in your e-commerce store.

Product description

Ecomhunt also provides a well-written, search-engine-optimized product description. However, copying the product description can be a bad idea, as no one else will have access to it.

Alternatively, you can use it as inspiration to writing a better product description for your products in a dropshipping store.

Oberlo button

The Oberlo button allows you to automatically pay for the product directly at Shopify without having to do anything manually.

Ecomhunt dropshipping

This is especially good for store owners who use the Shopify platform because it saves a lot of time and resources.

Save product button

This button allows users to save any product they like on Ecomhunt to their favorites and review them later.

Ecomhunt Distributor (Jack Cushing)

Jack Kaching is always available on Facebook Messenger as a personal product advisor for any questions you may want to ask.

This is one of the features that make Ecomhunt special, as you will not see anything similar in other successful gadgets.

Product saturation inspector

The saturation inspector will let you know how standard the product is with other vendors selling the products.

Ecomhunt dropshipping

Displays the total number of stores that sell the product. The higher the number, the more saturated the product and vice versa.

Profit and costs

You can also use the profit and cost indicator to determine the cost of the product from the supplier and the potential profits of the product.

Product analysis

Ecomhunt dropshipping

The product analysis is created by the supplier’s website on AliExpress and contains all the products’ data.

Share the product on social networks.

Product sharing includes all social media responses to the product. This consists of the total number of appreciations, distributions, comments, etc.

Links to the resource

Links to suppliers are the links that take you from the supplier to the actual product. However, this feature is limited to paid users only.

Ads and targeting on Facebook

This is another paid feature from Ecomhunt, which is especially suitable for those with little or no experience with Facebook ads.

Usually, this is fine for those who are just starting in dropshipping and don’t want to spend more on marketing.

Ecomhunt dropshipping

Using Instagram influencers will save you money and usually convert faster if you do an excellent influencer search.

Honest reviews of buyers from AliExpress

This includes previous reviews from genuine buyers on AliExpress, which can be used to access the product or as a review for your e-commerce store.

EcomHunt membership plan and pricing

The EcomHunt price plan includes two membership plans, the Free Plan and the Professional Plan.

Free Ecomhunt membership plan

The free membership plan gives you daily access to two products but for minimal data. Other every day updated products will be released to members free of charge after the third day.

The free plan does not give you access to:


It seems

Product links

Stores that sell products


For full access, free members will need to upgrade if they want daily access to the total published product data.

Ecomhunt Pro membership plan


However, the Pro membership plan gives you access to all the information about EcomHunt. You can access complete product data, such as store links where products are already sold, ad videos, targeting, Facebook ads, and more.

But it will cost you 29 USD per month, but currently, you can get it for 20 USD per month, which, of course, will be set very soon.

EcomHunt discount

With Ecomhunt Discount, users receive an annual discount of 41% when choosing the yearly subscription of $ 17 per month instead of the usual $ 20 per month.

And, of course, the free plan is free forever! This way, the user can breathe a sigh of relief with the free program and can upgrade at any time.

Another exciting feature that you can access as a member or user is the Ad Hunter supplement, shown below.

Main features

This is probably the selling point of EcomHunt, as its features make it a point of attraction for any shipping company that wants to make money fast.

Knowing the winning products for you is just the beginning, but knowing how to sell them quickly is the real deal.

With EcomHunt, you can start selling these products almost instantly with product details.

Below you will find the most critical functions and product data that EcomHunt offers to its members. They include:

Sale of products / Trend

With EcomHunt, you can be sure that you will have access to popular products. In their words (EcomHunt), it says, “It’s a bunch of the best new products every day.”

The hardest part is finding products that people want to buy, and EcomHunt implements this part.

As a professional member, you have access to winning products, not just how you can quickly sell them through Facebook Marketing.

Using the data provided with the products, you can set up an advertising campaign on Facebook that targets the actual audience that wants to buy the products.

What could be easier than that? This is why EcomHunt is one of the best.

Product gains and analyzes

This feature allows you to know the actual price you will get for the product from AliExpress and the potential profit of the products.

With features like these, you can plan how much you’re willing to spend on ads and the potential returns you’ll get before adding the product to your online store.

Plus, you know how well the product works on social media. That is, you have access to the total number of posts on the product and the total number of comments and ratings.

When you know the product’s full release, you know how popular the product is or how far it will go.

Finally, you will receive analytics on the source of the product (AliExpress). I especially like this look because it allows me to see how good and original the product is before it is shipped.

The number of requests, ratings, reviews, and the total number of votes the products have received are indicated. With that in mind, you need to know if the product is adding value to actual buyers.

Pros and Cons of EcomHunt

Like every other product on the market, EcomHunt has its advantages and disadvantages.


Outlook for Facebook Advertising: EcomHunt offers members Facebook targeting and information about their daily sales products. That way, you know which country you are targeting, gender, age, etc. You are doing all of the hard work for their members.

Hot Products: You cannot be sure about with EcomHunt access to product sales. The good thing is that you know about these hot products before they go viral.

Niche Products: I thought EcomHunt would only find competitive and popular products, but I knew little about how to find your niche products for sale. There are niche varieties. So all you have to do is browse and find an attractive product for your business.

Facebook AdHunter: The Chrome expansion is quite problematic, but it makes it a free tool for its members. This tool allows you to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads and edit your ads to sell them better.


Free Subscription: The free subscription is minimal. All permitted interesting functions are available to professional members.

Limited products: Daily products can be increased.

Does Ecomhunt have a refund policy?

Yes! Ecomhunt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to every new user. If you need a full refund within 30 days of joining the platform, you are eligible for a full refund. Terms of use apply.

What are the accepted payment method at Ecomhunt?

PayPal is currently the only accepted payment method at Ecomhunt. This means that potential users can only pay through PayPal.

Why choose Ecomhunt?

There is no difficulty that Ecomhunt is example of the most useful tools for product research. They offer different product lines that are modernized daily.

For better revenue conversion, this is a tip for the professional membership plan. Experienced members have access to many of Shopify’s winning products currently being sold in bulk, and there is a great chance these best-selling products will be unknown to most people.


Ecomhunt helps its users promote their products to meet specific goals, be it a particular country, age group, or gender.

Distribute and examine

This Ecomhunt review will help you get an insight into the number of people who bought a particular product.

Users have access to examining a particular product directly from the buyer who purchased the product from AliExpress.

Ecomhunt is one of the most tested and effective product identification tools for our most sought-after and popular products.

Ecomhunt gives you a platform to look for a profitable and promising product that will generate revenue streams and increase sales, it also gives you the option to other store’s products at any time.

EcomHunt’s Wacom article polling tool is handy for all beginners

This provides a way to make money fast, showing Facebook the information about the articles provided so far by EcomHunt.

The use of the device is exceptionally encouraging. You don’t have to stress the possibility of not being an amateur anymore.

It also offers online lessons and study exercises for individuals, and the information you get from them may support your assumption that you will eventually stop using the device.


The EcomHunt winning product search tool is great for all beginners.

This way, you can make money fast with Facebook marketing with product data already provided by EcomHunt.

The use of the tool is promising. So don’t worry if you are a beginner. They offer webinars and tutorials alike.

The knowledge gives you can keep you going when you stop using the tool.

I’m not saying EcomHunt is 100%, but the membership fee you pay is much lower than the profit you get.

If you would like to learn more about dropshipping, feel free to check out these articles, and if you have any questions reply below!