Email marketing companies bring a good amount of ROI (return on investment) if you do it right, these tools can boost your sales significantly. After deep research, we have found the sweet spot. We have created a comparison between getting Getresponse Vs. Constant contact to help you decide, and we will break down the prices along with the features.

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GetResponse Vs Constant Contact: Should you give it a try?

Constant Contact and GetResponse don’t have a free plan, but they do offer a free trial so that you can try out their software before choosing one of their paid plans. For GetResponse the free trial is 30 days, and Constant Contact provides a 60-day trial which is only available to Canada and U.S. citizens.

When compared to Constant Contact, GetResponse has a much better deal when it comes to marketing automation, taking into consideration that it offers more features. Having been founded in 1997, GetResponse has expanded the range of services that it provides and even offers a wider variety of tools for things such as webinars, e-commerce, and more.

What are the main benefits of GetResponse?

The following are the main advantages of using GetResponse:

  • Excellent automation system
  • Beginner-friendly User Interface
  • More than just Email Marketing
  • Split testing landing pages
  • Promote affiliate links
  • Unique website builder
  • Super affordable with plans starting at as low as $13/mo
  • 30 days free trial with no credit card information required

With GetResponse, there is just so much that you can do, since it’s not just marketing software. The following are the main features:

Email marketing companies: What are the main benefits?

GetResponse has one of the most powerful marketing software that you can get, with beautiful email templates, easy setup, and reliable deliverability, on top of everything else.

Email creator

With this easy-to-use drag & drop builder, you can create customized emails to use in your marketing campaigns.

Auto Response Sequence

This feature allows you to set up an automated flow to send emails automatically according to your schedule. With such an approach, it becomes a whole lot easier to create a successful marketing strategy.

In addition, you can use this feature to respond to any questions automatically, in addition to effecting automated follow-ups.

Webinar Tool

GetResponse eliminates the need to have an extra tool in your marketing stack that you can use to launch your webinars. With GetResponse’s webinar software, you can come up with creative webinars and use the same tool to invite your subscribers to the webinar, in addition to following up automatically from the dashboard.

There are a couple of webinar templates at your disposal so that you can come up with professional-looking webinars. As if that is not enough, you can make use of features such as sign-up forms, images, and even interactive whiteboards to enhance your webinars even more.

Social Media Marketing

With GetResponse, you get better leverage when it comes to Social Media Marketing. With the GetReponse creator app as well as the drag-and-drop tool available, you can use the different templates available to create ads from scratch, in addition to adding images and branding where applicable.

Live Chat Support

In my experience, GetResponse has excellent customer support, with the support staff being available on a 24/7 basis. With just a click of a button, you can start a chat and get amazing help from their knowledgeable staff.

In addition to being so helpful, the customer support staff at GetResponse is amazingly swift, which means that your problems get solved as quickly as you present them.

Get Response Pricing

The pricing that you get with GetResponse will be based on the tier that you choose to go with. There are four basic tiers to choose from Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max. As you can expect, the different tiers have different features, and as such, you can choose the one that offers the best relevance to you.

GetResponse’s basic plan will cost $13/mo/user and will include access to the email marketing suite, landing pages, autoresponders, Facebook Ads, and lead funnels.

For access to the automation builder and webinar tools, on the other hand, you would have to upgrade to the Plus plan, which charges $49/month and allows 3 users. The Professional tier is more advanced compared to the Plus plan, with improvements such as a maximum of 300 webinar attendees, on-demand webinars, unlimited webinar funnels, and more, all at a price of $99/mo for 3 users.

The Max plan is the highest tier available and has the most advanced features of the three tiers mentioned before. You can enjoy features such as dedicated IP addresses, deliverability consulting, dedicated support, transactional emails, and more. The price for the Max tier is custom-based, which means that it will vary depending on the features that you choose to have.

Since you might want to try before purchasing, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial, and the best part of it is that you will not require to add your credit card details.

Constant Contact: Should you go for it?

Before deciding whether Constant Contact is a good choice, one thing that you need to know is that the company has been in the world of email marketing for approximately 25 years now having been founded in 1995.

Despite being launched from a small attic office in Brookline, Massachusetts, the company has withstood all odds to become one of the most renowned and it boasts offices in both the United Kingdom and the United States with over 5 million customers in different parts of the world.

As one of the oldest in the world of email marketing services, this company has added a couple of amazing features to its service portfolio over a period of time. A good example of such features is survey creation, not to mention the additional marketing services and web hosting services that the company provides.

Constant Contact Features

There are lots of amazing features to enjoy with Constant Contact, as well. One of the most important factors that you will find useful, especially when beginning is the live chat customer support feature.

In addition, Constant Contact claims that with their service, you get as many as 98% of emails reaching your clients’ inboxes whenever you send them. If this is true, then this would be an amazing feature to go with, taking into consideration that when using regular emails, only 77% of the emails will reach your clients.

With Constant Contact, you will also receive a variety of impressive and useful marketing tools that are mainly designed to make it easier for small businesses as well as nonprofit companies to grow their client base. Some of the tools that you get with Constant Contact include but are not limited to social campaigns, email and event marketing, reporting, and survey management as well.

You can choose to buy the different tools independently or go with the ‘Constant Contact Toolkit’, as they call it. In simple terms, the Constant Contact Toolkit is a collection of marketing tools that users can use at their convenience.

What’s more? When using Constant contact for your business, you can always import your customer data from email platforms like Gmail and others, or spreadsheets. You also have the option to embed or personalize Email sign-up forms on Facebook or web pages, with the aim of getting new contacts or building your email lists.

And that’s not all. There are amazing template features to take advantage of, such as drag-and-drop elements, real-time reporting features for tracking social media shares, forwards, clicks, and email opening rates. If you have been looking to improve your business’s marketing efforts, you can always take advantage of either online or in-person training and seminars or both.

Of all features, one of the most important according to a majority of Constant Contact clients is that you are not limited when it comes to the number of emails that you can send every month. As if that is not enough, the software users claim that it’s easy to use and that the template options are perfectly designed.

However, there are some clients, as well, who claim that Constant Contact’s pricing is higher than most of their competitors, and we are going to find out whether that is true in a moment.

Sell your digital products

With Constant Contact, you can create an online store and add as many digital products (i.e., eBooks, videos, music, etc.) as you like to the store. As if that is not enough, you can take advantage of the free trial to get an idea of how the online store from Constant Contact works.

That way, you not only get to determine whether it’s worth paying for, but you also get the chance to learn how to use the store to get the most optimal results before paying for it.

Email Marketing

One of the top features worth mentioning when it comes to Constant Contact is email marketing, and that says a lot about how amazing this service really is.

When using email marketing services from Constant Contact, you get to enjoy sending personal emails in bulk or via templates. So whether you are an individual looking for a way to reach your contacts through email or a business owner looking to expand your outreach, you are good to go with Constant Contact.

You can take advantage of the Email Plus feature to benefit your small business or non-profit organization. The email plus feature allows you to put your marketing on autopilot, with scheduled, targeted, and personalized emails.

As if that is not enough, you can seek customer feedback through emails with surveys and online polls or through social media. There is even an option that allows non-profit organizations to collect and even track their donations online.

Constant Contact Pricing

Pricing is one of the main factors to consider when deciding whether a product is good for you or not. With Constant Contact, you get two main tiers.

The lowest tier is the Email tier, which costs $20 per month, whereas the highest tier is the Email Plus, coming in at $45 per month. The price for each is affected by the number of contacts.

The Email tier allows up to 500 contacts and has an unlimited email option. The Email Plus tier, on the other hand, has additional features such as automated welcome series, advanced e-commerce marketing, and customizable pop-up forms.

With the lowest tier coming in at $20 per month which is $5 per month higher than the price of the lowest tier at GetResponse, it’s clear that Constant Contact’s pricing is slightly higher compared to GetResponse. In that light, the customer complaints mentioned above about Constant Contact’s pricing are more than likely valid.

Conclusion: Constant Contact vs GetResponse

If you are looking for an all-in-one email marketing system, then you should consider using GetResponse, since it offered more features compared to Constant Contact. Besides, the customer support at GetResponse is swifter and more professional. Don’t get this wrong, however. The customer care service at Constant Contact is not awful – it’s just not as good as what you are bound to get when you go with GetResponse.

When you consider pricing, you’ll quickly note that Constant Contact’s pricing is not the best for beginners, taking into consideration that it’s a little bit higher for beginners.

But hey, don’t forget to go for what you like more, since it’s always all about you. Which marketing provider would you go for? Please let me know in the comment section below