Since your store is online, there are little to no human interactions unless it’s with customer service. In this article, I will show you how to create an about us page on Shopify. The About Us page adds a “face” or story to your brand. eCommerce shoppers need to trust you to purchase from you. In fact, 52% of visitors to a brand’s homepage will use the About Us page to find out more about a company. Without it, you’d lose sales and trust before customers even consider making an order.

How to create an about us page on Shopify W-ecom

Make sure your audience learn more about your brand

What are the secret ingredients to make your Shopify About Us page an essential tool in the sales process?

The first step is to add information that’s crafted to ensure that your audience learns about you and why they should buy from you.

Next, start by creating goals. What do you want to accomplish with your about page? Do you want to leave an impression, push products, or use storytelling to find and build your brand’s tribe?

Here are 5 tips you can start by including one or more of the following elements in your Shopify About Us page:

  1. Communicate a Unique Value Proposition
  2. Promote Your Staff
  3. Humanize Your Brand with Storytelling
  4. Don’t Make it Look Boring
  5. Brand Your About Us Page
How to create an about us page on Shopify W-ecom


There isn’t an exact formula you need to follow to create a killer “About Us” page. However, you do want your page to be interesting, as well as informative.

The goal here is to make your audience fall in love with your website (as well as your brand).

Still, stuck in a rut and unsure of what to write (or where to start)? Here are some kickass “About Us” page examples you can draw inspiration from:

Take as an example the image below, the way they structure their company story makes people feel this is a real and trustworthy brand, take this as inspiration on how you should set up your “about us” page as this will make your store stand out from the crowd.

Hope this helps, Best of luck to your Shopify store.

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