One of the unspoken rules in digital marketing is to be brief and precise. The length of any URL, or the number of characters C, can have a profound impact on how that specific URL comes off. While it could be an OK URL leading exactly where you want the visitor to go, it may come across as too long and intricate. Many people are easily turned off with long and will ignore them. Long links may appear like scams to some people.

How does it help in online business and digital marketing?


Everyone in this world loves small and clear things. This URLs shortener allows you to track your page visitors and retarget them using the built-in pixel feature, so anyone visiting your link Facebook will know that they are interested in this type of link, so Facebook will create an audience according to this interest, which is excellent especially for digital marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing.

The simplest way to get around these problems is to sign up with our link shortening service. 


How Does URL Shortener Works?

It’s simple like most other shortening services. You start by signing up with the service and opting for one of the two free and paid plans. For the first 7-days, you will have access to the features free of charge. The Free plan comes with the basic features you need to complete some of your frequent tasks. On the other hand, the Paid plan gives you access to numerous advanced features for no-nonsense online marketing.

Head here ( and take a glance at our prices:

So What Are the Benefits of Our Service to an Online Marketer?

Here are the top benefits of shortening your URLs:

1. A More Streamlined Look 

2. Gathering Click Data 

3. Masking your URLs 

4. Ease of Replicating Your Links 

5. They Are Appealing to The Eye

A More Streamlined Look 

Take a glance at this wholesome link leading to a product on Amazon:

Now check this shortened version:

If the item were a news article on NBC, it would look like this:

As you build your brand and carry out high converting social media campaigns, you want every link to look similar to every other link you’ve ever used. The second link above starts with “initials,” showing the site it leads to, followed by seven characters. You can make all your shortened links adhere to this format, starting with the destination site and an exact number of characters that identify the link more precisely. If you were to produce five such shortened URLs, this is what the list would look like:

Shortened URLs of this type are great for your Twitter bio, Instagram bio, or general social media posts designed to turn a lead into a purchase. 

There is one more benefit as far as a streamlined look is concerned– recognizing a brand. Shortened URLs help a marketer customize their links to include the name of the service or brand (like Amazon or NBC in examples given above). This increases the visibility of the brand.

Gathering Click Data 

Every serious online marketer wants to monitor the effectiveness of their campaign: how many people clicked on the link? where are they located? When did they interact with the link? what device did they use? etc.

ur shortener

These bits of data are essential when analyzing the effectiveness and reach of your content. Don’t you want to know if the campaign needs an improvement? 

The data provided by shortened URLs are somewhat similar to what Google Analytics normally produces, except that these URLs are easier to use on sites you don’t own. 

Other than simple click data, l-Inkmee offers more advanced services like data export, device tagging, developer API, geotagging, and other functions distributed between our free and paid plans. 

Note that most social networks treat shortened URLs the same way as regular links. You don’t need to add the link text on your post. The site will recognize the shortened URL and create a preview image of the destination.

Masking your URLs 

Shortened URLs mask the original link with a short version that looks completely different. There are two reasons why anyone would want to hide their links.

1. Concealing Certain Details

2. Making Your Links Look Trustworthy

· Concealing Certain Details 

Masking helps you conceal certain bits of information you don’t want your audience to see until they open the link. You will find a good reason to hide some details in the future.

Take a look at this link:

You can easily tell this link is trying to lead you to a review of Sony Playstation 5 on, of course, CNET. 

Now check this:

With this shortened URL, it’s clear you are headed to CNET, but you can’t tell what’s in store for you. This can prove helpful in situations that involve sending your links via direct messaging.

Some platforms are starting to unmask links sent directly to their users, allowing the reader to see the item on the other side before clicking on the link.

· Making Your Links Look Trustworthy

Masked URLs are essential if you want your links to look trustworthy. You don’t want the reader to mistake your links with a scam. Virtually all cyber scams involve long URLs that seem to describe the bait on the other side, something that should give the target a good reason to click. Scammers know long links can confuse the target and make them click out of curiosity. 

Since people tend to trust short URLs more readily, you can separate yourself from spammy elements and scammers by shortening your marketing URLs with our service.

Ease of Replicating Your Links 

This doesn’t often happen as in the past, given the tap-and-select feature that comes with most of today’s devices. However, in the rare cases that involve people sharing URLs by typing them into a message, shortened URLs turn out to be easier and faster to type than, say, a 50-character link. The chances of typing a wrong character and ruining the entire link are super high because you are more likely to be frustrated along the way, or you’re using a hard-to-type device.

They Are Appealing to The Eye

Shortened URLs are just cute to look at. If a member of your audience has been having a bad day, they are more likely to be irritated if you, for example, show them a link that looks like this:

That’s an actual website, by the way.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if it looked like this: l.inkmee/44hbbn?

And those are the benefits of our URL shortening service, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.